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We provide affordable full-service cleaning and maintenance solutions for office buildings and commercial facilities. Our proactive approach and quality workmanship will leave a lasting impression on your building occupants and visitors. Avoid inconsistent performance, and let BrittonBMI handle all of your cleaning and maintenance needs.

Green Services


Green Services

Improve employee health and productivity with consistent nightly cleaning of your workspace, utilizing only environmentally friendly products and equipment.

Main Services
Daytime Porter Services
Cleaning Services


Cleaning Services

For large facilities requiring cleaning attention during business hours, we can design a daytime workflow to keep your lobbies and common areas and restrooms looking their best at all times.

Daytime Porter Services
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Cleaning Services

Specialty Care Services

Cleaning Services

Floor Maintenance Programs

  • Residue-Free Carpet Cleaning
  • Monthly & Quarterly Carpet Maintenance Programs
  • Tile and Concrete Refinishing
  • Grout Cleaning, Re-Grouting, and Sealing
  • Natural Stone Cleaning and Polishing
  • Wood Floor Cleaning and Restoration

Upholstery Cleaning

Power Washing

Window Cleaning

Event Services

Emergency Cleanup

Construction Cleanup

We partner with an industry-leading facility maintenance supplier to offer thousands of product solutions at low,
contract prices.

  • Lighting
  • Belts
  • Filters
  • Fixtures
  • Automated Conversion Kits
  • Dispensing Systems
  • Matting
  • Paint
  • Door Hardware


We provide education and training programs for all building owners, managers, and tenants on:

  • Tenant Green Cleaning Education
  • Recycle Programs
  • Disease Prevention and Control
  • Pandemic Protocols


Our Total Quality Control systems allow our clients to submit cleaning requests, track the progress of cleaning procedures, and review our performance through the following features:

  • Job Scheduling
  • Work Order Submittals, Status Notifications, and Response Times
  • Inspections
  • Mobile Tenant Surveys
  • Monthly Reports

We also participate in the BSC In-Site program to improve our janitorial staff’s operational efficiency. Customizable solutions for your customer care include:

  • Benchmarking
  • Best Practice Training
  • Detailed Written Procedures
  • Training Materials
  • Program Management and Reporting
Add On Services

Contact us for more information about any of our cleaning products or janitorial services.