About Us

Britton BMI is the professional cleaning partner your business has been looking for. We offer custom solutions for businesses, large and small, to keep their premises clean and maintained.

We have over 35 years of experience in commercial cleaning, allowing us to deliver unmatched quality by utilizing the industry’s best practices, facilitated by the best of modern tech and the personal touch of a small business. We’re the partner to turn to when you need your facilities clean and maintained and you need it done right.

Our Difference


Britton BMI’s unique history provides us with an unprecedented understanding of the industry. Our family values play a role in all of our decisions, and our global experience means we pay attention to the details. The result is a spotless record of unmatched customer experience and many lasting relationships with clients who have become friends.

Our Difference
Our Mission


Britton BMI’s mission is to help businesses shine by providing unmatched customer service and premiere commercial cleaning solutions. We will passionately pursue excellence by consistently delivering top-quality results and building customer relationships that last.

Our Mission
Our Core Values


  • Excellence. We are committed to providing results and customer service that exceed all expectations.
  • Hard Work. We don’t hesitate to put in the time and effort necessary to achieve optimal results.
  • Teamwork. We know that our team works best when we communicate and collaborate effectively.
  • Continuous Improvement. We will never stop innovating and searching for methods and technologies that can help us do better.
Our Core Values
Our Process


The Britton BMI Difference

Our Process

The Britton BMI Difference

Our attention to customer service and detail sets us apart. We pride ourselves on quality assurance and use comprehensive analytics to ensure we are performing our best and exceeding customer expectations.  

When you decide to partner with Britton BMI, we follow a specific, three-pronged framework to personalize a cleaning strategy tailored to your unique needs.


As soon as we are awarded the contract, our process begins. In the 30 days prior to the contract start, we begin planning.  During the planning phase, we:

  • Review building policies and procedures
  • Conduct an access control evaluation
  • Conduct day staff interviews
  • Organize tenant meetings
  • Develop a project manual
  • Design a staffing plan
  • Conduct screening and onboarding
  • Hold orientation and training


During the critical implementation phase, our goal is a seamless transition with zero defects.  Our transition team will be on-site daily to ensure every detail has been covered and to answer questions, and assist your tenants with any needs that may arise.  During these first few weeks, the transition team will evaluate staffing and workflow patterns, identify key areas, and discover opportunities to create efficiencies.  Every element of the process is then combined to create a customized solution for each client.


Once the transition is complete, and your cleaning solution has been fully customized, your day-to-day needs will be handled by one of our professional account executives.  With our high-touch account management strategy, we become an extension of your management team.  You will be provided with:

  • Daily updates of tenant visits & communications
  • Weekly inspections
  • Quarterly tenant audit
  • Annual online survey

All aspects of our account management strategy work synergistically to ensure we are performing consistently at our best.