Day Porter
Cleaning Services

Available in Dallas, Austin,
Houston, & San Antonio Texas

Night cleaning services aren’t always sufficient for the cleaning and maintenance needs of a busy company. Day porter services provide businesses with all the daytime cleaning work needed to stay tidy and fully operational throughout the day. These tasks are carried out by flexible and professional individuals.

How Can a Daytime Building Porter Help a Business?

Night cleaning services are great for preparing a commercial space for the morning, but what happens when cleaning or stocking needs to be done in the middle of the day? That’s where a daytime porter comes in.

This person (or people) works quietly and professionally around employees and clientele, attending quickly to the cleaning, stocking, and other daily tasks of a hustling bustling business. Day porters are the behind-the-scenes heroes that help a building function and contribute to the positive outer reputation of a company. You can turn to Britton BMI for all your building porter services in Dallas, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio, TX.


Day Porter Services

A portering service will attend to all your scheduled and unexpected daily cleaning needs during business hours. At Britton BMI, some of our typical day porter services include garbage removal, restocking, glass cleaning, and maintenance of common areas like lobbies, cafeterias, and restrooms. You can also add to our schedule whichever other services you need, to keep your building operating seamlessly.

Day porter service responsibilities can even go beyond custodial work. In some ways, a day porter can become an extension of your staff. You can think of them as facility managers. They can be used to set up and take down meetings, move an employee from one office to another, deliver packages, and remedy parts of your facility that have fallen into disrepair. Porters are in place to keep track of a building’s cleanliness and safety and also to make sure that the people who use your building every day are satisfied with their working environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is the Difference Between a Day Porter and a Janitor?

    While a janitor is responsible solely for ensuring the sanitary conditions of a commercial space on a set schedule, a building porter can take on responsibilities beyond daily cleaning tasks and has a different schedule each day based on a company’s needs. A day porter performs commercial janitorial services, but he or she can also lend a set of helping hands to your employees and assist with miscellaneous tasks that don’t involve cleaning.

  • What Are the Responsibilities of a Day Porter?

    Our day porter services in Dallas, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio, TX, are fully customizable to the needs of your building. When creating a maintenance schedule for our day porters, you will come up with a list of routine and day-specific tasks that need to be carried out and prioritize them based on importance. You should schedule enough time for each one and make sure the list is not too long to be feasible for one day.

    Day porters can be also used for those times when you need unexpected help, but if you ask for additional help, make sure to give our team ample time for your high-priority tasks as well. It’s your responsibility to communicate which jobs are most important to your facility.

  • Why Britton BMI Day Porters?

    The day cleaning service you choose will work in close proximity to your employees and customers. As such, you should take care to find the right people for the job. At Britton BMI, we choose our staff from a highly qualified group of background-checked candidates with friendly, can-do personalities. They are insured for your safety and are committed to providing you with the best-possible service. They’re also trained and qualified to work in practically any industry.

  • What Is the Cost of a Day Porter?

    The cost of day porter services depends on how many building porters you need and how long they will work each day. Britton BMI prides itself on highly affordable day porter services. You can call us today at (214) 888-2155 for more information or fill out our form and get a custom quote on our services.