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Post-event cleaning services are all of the cleaning tasks that need to be done after a commercial function takes place, such as a fundraiser, company party, or corporate convention. These services may include waste removal, surface cleaning, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, setup, take-down, and other similar tidying tasks.

Featured Post-Event Cleaning Services

Event planning takes extensive time and energy, so by the time your event rolls around, you might be tired and ready for it to be over with already. You can’t truly enjoy the fruits of your planning efforts because you’re already thinking ahead to how late you have to stay afterward to clean up. Kiss those days goodbye; Britton BMI is here to take over all your post-event cleaning.

Our Dallas-based team is available to set up and take down all of your office parties, conventions, board meetings, auctions, fundraisers, art shows, and any other functions you might host in the future. When guests spill their drinks, drop food on the table, or leave behind garbage in your office or at an event venue, you won’t need to worry. Britton BMI handles all garbage and recycling removal, surface sanitization, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, and polishing — inside and out. When your event is over, it will be as though you were never there!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Are the Benefits of an Event Cleanup Service?

    While you and other staff members may very well be capable of cleaning up after an event, you shouldn’t have to take on such an extensive project. You are much more likely to enjoy your event when you don’t have to dread the post-event cleanup. Our services allow you to focus on having fun. We have all of the materials and equipment needed to do a professional job so that you can avoid incurring any cleaning fines from the venue for performing subpar cleaning work. We’re trained to do a good job quickly, saving you time and stress in the end.


  • Can Post-Event Cleaning Services Be Combined With Other Services?

    If you find yourself in need of deep-cleaning work after an event, you can incorporate any of our cleaning service offerings into your post-event cleaning plan. For example, if a guest spills a drink on the company couch or the caterer spills oil or food on the venue’s outdoor patio, you can request our upholstery and pressure cleaning services in addition to the included post-event cleaning services.

  • How Much Does In-Office Event Cleaning Cost?

    Event cleaning services are tailored to the needs of your event, and our flexible cleaners can attend to your cleaning needs any time of day or night in Dallas, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio, TX. Contact us for an estimate to find out how much your post-event cleaning may cost. You can call us at (214) 888-2155 or fill out our contact form for inquiries.