Taking Commercial Window Cleaning
to the Next Level

Available in Dallas, Austin,
Houston, & San Antonio Texas

You’d be amazed at how glass cleaning services make a company appear more polished and professional. Crystal-clear glass adds a subtle touch of class and contributes to a happy work environment with excellent employee productivity. Commercial window cleaning services encompass all of the interior window cleaning services that a professional cleaning crew performs for a business.

Featured Office Window Cleaning Services

At Britton BMI, we provide comprehensive commercial window washing services to keep your business looking pristine, regardless of your industry. We serve medical care centers, hotels, retail shops, office parks, financial institutions, post-construction sites, and much more. Our team values its relationships with customers and always seeks to go the extra mile for them, which is why we do those window washing services that other Dallas-based companies won’t. Count on us for consistently high-quality work with every clean!

Our trained and experienced team cleans interior and exterior windows for commercial buildings of any size and style. We’re not fazed by the challenge of a high-rise building, and the complexity of high-rise jobs never compromises the quality of our work. We focus on the details, scraping off stubborn debris and removing mineral stains to ensure that no streaks or impurities are left behind in the process. If there is a screen or an awning in place, we’ll wash that as well for a comprehensive clean — inside and out!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Hire a Commercial Window Cleaning Company?

    One of the keys to success as a company head is delegating tasks that fall outside of your work scope. Washing all the windows of a large building is not only time consuming, but it also requires specialized equipment to get the job done right. You and your staff have more important priorities than window cleaning to focus on in your day-to-day business operations, so it’s in your best interests to leave the hassle of window cleaning to the specialists at Britton BMI.

    We take a load off your shoulders by performing a spotless window cleaning job that will help you build a positive aesthetic reputation and a more pleasant and productive work environment to do business in. Clean windows improve morale by allowing you to enjoy your views, and they also make a good impression on clients. Britton BMI has decades of commercial window cleaning experience under its belt.

  • How Often Does a Business Need Commercial Window Washing?

    Your facility should invest in a comprehensive window washing job at least twice a year. However, if there are certain areas of your business that accumulate fingerprints and grime more frequently, you may need a weekly or even a daily window cleaning. Glass doors, lobby areas, and dining rooms are good examples of areas that might need regular spot cleaning.

    Britton BMI is available for isolated services or contracted cleaning jobs. Our services can be fit to the frequency of your needs. Hire us for daily, weekly, monthly, or bi-annual window cleanings and keep your office or retail space looking its best at all times.

  • How Much Does Commercial Window Cleaning Cost?

    Britton BMI believes in pricing services fairly, so we don’t have a “one-size-fits-all” approach to pricing; we will never make you pay for more labor than you actually need. Our commercial window cleaning costs vary by industry and job size, so we’ll give you a custom quote before getting started on your project. This will give you an idea of the dollar amount to expect at the end of your project.